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Getting back to what we do best at Printspace® is considering art from a design perspective. In this way we can ensure that art remains timelss and memorable as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

For some, the idea of framing and hanging a minimal letter on a wall might seem a bit weird. To Printspace® it is a great way to make things look iconic and 'designy'. Mara Girling our creative director wanted to put together a range of alphabet letters in a style influenced by the art movement Russian Constructivism and worked with Ebony Rupena at our studio who then made each one unique with pattern, shape and a coordination of visual textures. It was great fun collaborating on this project and we are really happy with the results. Well done Ebony!

Releasing a new range takes quite a bit of work and when completed there is often a sense of real satisfaction to follow it through from beginning to end.

In many cases, it was difficult to decide between a dark background and a lighter background - so we ended up keeping both kinds. The designs in the image here may have changed a little to what is now available as they reflect some earlier sketching and revisions. We evolved the letters to become consistent in their approach to creativity in the final collection.

The letter forms are printed at our creative studio, packed and posted from the designers themselves. They are available in different size options and fit within our suggested framing options.

See the full range of alphabet letter art prints here available now to order.letter prints

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