Mara Girling. Printpace Designer

Mara Girling. Founding Designer at Printspace®
B.A. Graphic Design.

Photo by: Meagan Harding 

Happy to simply create artworks and designs without anyone making too much of a fuss over herself, Mara is a disciplined designer who is dedicated to a consistency of style and attention to detail. Mara's artworks have a natural tendency to appeal to children's rooms with much of her initial Printspace® art being dedicated to the nursery. And remove the characters from her pictures and one might find a lovely and calm image which is soothing and beautifully designed. This is what has lead Mara's work to also grow into a range of art prints which are suitable for the lounge room, kitchen, hallways and bedrooms.

Mara loves artists such as Miro and textile designers such as Lucienne Day to name a few. Her passion is for a modernist home. A place which can be simple, tranquil and very cool. We hope you enjoy the work by Mara Girling.

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