Some sweet new art prints for the kids.

The start of the Little Travels series includes Little Miss travelling to Paris, Rome and London. Adventure awaits!
These art prints are available in colour and also in black and white.

Most kids love to dress up. I say most, as our first born wasn't so keen. He would put the costume on, and then be ready to take it off 5 minutes later. Sometimes he would start taking bits off in the car on the way to a party. Pirates don't need a hat do they? Or a hook? or a scarf. Or an eye patch Surely just wearing a stripy top was enough he would reason?  I would often marvel at the kids that would wear a spiderman or fairy outfit all day long. Happy pretending. Funnily enough, our second born loves to dress up and play. Any excuse to be in a costume, he'll take it. The first born still hates to dress up, and I love that they love different things.

These little dress up prints are for all the little kids that love to dress up & pretend.

See the full  range here.


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