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Nicholas Girling has been creating City Prints since his first New York print in August 2013. During this time there have been requests for several local and international cities.

The creative spark begins by following an intuitive path and then visualising an idea for a city which resonates simply in the artists mind.

There is one approach to be more conceptual or another approach to make a more traditional landscape.

"The challenge I set for myself was to present a very well known visual landscape and to apply some of my own thinking to how it was presented. I still wanted Sydney to look like Sydney at the-end-of-the-day. Particularly for this first release of the famous landmark town. The approach could have been via; symbolism, layout or through semi-abstraction, colour or view-point.

To me, it was important for the artwork to feel like it was part of my other city depictions because I want the collection to coordinate for exhibitions and to feel like they are from the same artist. So in this case, working with ideas which are already etched in the minds of everyone, I chose the idea of layout and vibrancy of Sydney Harbour as a means to solving this art print.

I have used the idea of city buildings overlapping in colour before. All of the elements link together from sky down to water. Yes, the Sydney Opera House is still very much a focus but it is now worn like a crown on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I like to use layers as a way of revealing subtlety over time. An art print will be with you for a long time and I believe that a combination of strength in design and subtlety in form will keep it on the wall and will also let the print continually attract attention for different reasons at different times."

See if you can find some of the subtle features which make this new Sydney art print so lovely.

Nicholas is happy to receive suggestions for new cities to add to the collection. One city that has been requested quite a lot, especially after the release of Melbourne was Sydney! And we are so excited to see it all finished and ready to light up a room.

The print is a limited edition of 100 available in 2 sizes: 100x120cm as shown here, and also in 70 x 100cm. Printed onto a thick smooth cotton-rag stock using long life vibrant inks.

For all the details including prices see the City Prints page.


sydney living room

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