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The graphic prints are designed to be bold, considered and iconic with solid colours and subtle visual textures. I like creating graphic posters which present an artistic impression rather than a literal look. The graphic prints are not so much how I see, but how I want to be seen. I want to be bold, minimal, layered, textured and vibrant.

The painting prints are a completely 180º different approach. What would happen if I picked up a loaded paint brush and before thinking anything, I simply proceed to paint. Then, as I paint, I intentionally guide my mind to being instinctual above all else; before and during the creation.

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      Daydream River Abstract Landscape Art Print

      Daydream River Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Print. There is a tall mountain cutting  a striking and handsome shape reflecting onto the water. The water dips and wiggles. It appears playful and excited. The...