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limited edition prints
city prints

Limited Edition Prints

Looking for something more rare? The limited edition range looks outside of your child's bedroom and onto the walls throughout your home. The colours in the limited edition prints are vibrant and sharp.

40x50cm art prints
50x70cmart prints
City Prints art prints
50x50cm art prints
70x70cm art prints
120x120cm art prints

City Prints - Limited Edition

Popular City Prints by Printspace™ Go somewhere every day. Remember a shared holiday. Available in large sizes. 70 x 100 and 100 x 120cm. Designed to be a feature piece in any room. A great collectors item. Each size limited to 100 units. The prints are vibrant and have a contemporary feel.

art prints

Birth Prints and Notices

Now available in three distinct personalsed styles; Classic, Illustrative and Designer looks. Prints can be used for birth notices and other special occasions for people of any age.

Classic birth print Range
Illustrative birth print Range
Designer birth print Range

Printspace™ Wall Art Prints

Created for home and child the Printspace™ art prints offer a variety of simple and different looking art suitable for people of all ages. Using a considered colour palette and high quality papers, we are passionate about our artworks and our customers.

All wall art prints
Kids wall art
Quote Prints
Home wall art
Mara Girling art
Nicholas Girling art
Mini Prints

personalised canvas prints
posters alphabet poster animals


Name Prints
Name Canvases
Lovely Quotes


Animal and Alphabet Posters

The Printspace™ learning is now gooood-loooking. It is now officially fun for children to learn the alphabet. Find out where to tickle a monkey with information art.


textiles for the home
kids textiles

Textiles for the home

With wall hangings, cushions based on original art.

Wall hangings

Textiles for children

Such a great value for the quality of the designs and the finishes on the textiles.

gift tags stationery printspace
printspace art


The Printspace™ stationery range is designed to look stylish and full of personality. Make your gift giving a truly beautiful experience for you and your loved ones.

Gift Tags
Wrapping Paper
Birthday Cards
Kids Cards
Occassions Cards
Art Cards
Card packs

Printspace™ Home and Child

We are Australian artists who create art prints and home-wares from our graphic design perspective for the whole world. Est. 2007 Printspace™ is full of delightful and inspiring items which are suitable for any room in the home and the coolest offices.

With a studio showroom in Cremorne Melbourne
Don't hesitate to contact 03 9008 4458