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Printspace® products are rare, beautifully designed, iconic in style, atmospheric and memorable. Celebrate... family, travel, colour, stories, food, learning and wellbeing. We want our artworks to help support your vision and feel for your home.


Art Prints Australia

Wall art prints, City Prints, Modern, Abstract, Framed Nursery prints, kids prints, Birth poster prints. For your home and child - Melbourne made.


Founded in 2008 by artists Nicholas and Mara Girling. The question we ask each other before you see our new art prints is, "Would we hang this on our own wall?" If either of us answer no, then we improve our art or it is never released. This keeps us determined and always asking for the very best creative from each other. The benefit of this teamwork and curation stokes our creative passions and ensures a high level of craftsmanship for our lovely customers.