Printspace® fills your home with colourful, meaningful artwork.

Celebrate your family, your travels, your experiences, your place with art that comes from our space of happiness. Joyful colours, lovely memories, art that had to be made for a happy home.

Why we create art

We believe that encouragement is a very important way to communicate. We create art for people who have or are discovering their own positive passion. It could be; family, art, food, community, study, health, wellbeing or anything else worthy of your time. Our art is the perfect symbolic reminder of those things which capture your own passions. We want our artworks to sit in your own space and with the sentiment of encouragement, inspire you with; energy, joy, peace and a fire to be the best you can be.

Printspace® began from purely an investment of time and enthusiasm from the artists. Printspace® is for people who prefer the very best in artistic merit, in material quality and in originality of thought. We do not cut corners and we do not select the cheapest materials. You are dealing with the artists directly and our integrity is connected to every piece of precious art which leaves our studio. When you call, it is a creative who answers the telephone.

About the Artists

Mara Girling and Nicholas Girling both studied Graphic Design at Swinburne and Monash Universities in Melbourne Australia. They share an interest for creating artworks which hold a high artistic merit, are memorable and positive. Printspace® is also supported by our lovely assistant Ebony in Melbourne, plus our extended family of framers, wholesalers, supporters and followers.

Our community

Printspace® has attended hundreds of premium artisans and makers markets all over Australia including; Bower Bird in Adelaide, The Big Design Market in Melbourne and Sydney, Markit at Federation Square, Finders Keepers at The Royal Exhibition Building and more.

How did Printspace® start?

A shared enthusiasm for creating art sparked the beginning of Printspace®. Both Mara and Nicholas knew having a studio and creating was a big part of their future. Mara took time off work to have their 2 beautiful boys and during that time Printspace® began. After a few false starts with the artistic materials and methods, some scratching of the head, grinding of the teeth and occasional frowning, they decided to stick at it and press onward and upward. Printspace® has grown since 2008 from the support of the people around Nicholas and Mara and for some time it has had an energy of it's own.

Both Mara and Nicholas have collected creative inspirations over the years and created scrap books which reflected their personal artistic interests and colours. The other guiding light is their attraction to modernist architecture, commercial art and illustration in the late 50's and early 60's.

About the Art

Decisions on materials and presentations are always based around rarity, longevity and the finest elements available. Quality is extremely important when it comes to Printspace®. Where possible we seek out earth friendly papers, materials and vegetable based inks.

Printspace artworks have been displayed on The Design Files, The Block, Marie Claire Magazine, Inside Out Magazine, Real Living Magazine.

Printspace® is an Australian Registered TradeMark owned by MR and N Girling. Est. 2008