Welcome. Looking to splash some colour around your store.

Brick and mortar stores: Gift stores, framing stores with galleries and homewares stores.

Do you sell off-the-shelf frames: 12 x 16" or 8 x 10"?
Our smaller size art prints are made for these sizes. Have some of our prints on display and others where people can buy the art print and frame independently. Or offer framing as a gift wrapping service.

In-store art print display unit
We have a simple display unit which can fit up to 40 art prints in both 8 x 10" and 12 x 16" sizes. In about 30cm square on a table you can have a lot of stock in a very small and neat space. The unit is made of ply wood and is quite minimal. Designed by our artists. This allows customers to flip through multiple cello wrapped and cardboard backed prints. Put them next to your off-the-shelf frames.

Looking for a statement piece?
Our home art print ranges and City Print limited edition ranges are a good option. Our city prints are very popular and add a pop of colour to your window display.

Also consider that as we are artists, we have original artworks on canvas which are in stock and in the latest colours. These are not seen on this website. If this interests you, visit www.nicholasgirling.com to see what is in-stock.

Tip: As we create art prints at various sizes, you will find that even our larger art prints at 61 x 91cm fit into attractive Ikea frames. Many of these frames are simple and cost effective. This helps with setting up displays of 1, 2 or 3 prints in a row to make an impact on your shoppers. Prints can then be swapped over to change your look as you need.

Greeting Card Display Stands
See our greeting card display stand. Delivered set-up or flat pack. Learn more.
We customised a display stand to have a bell bottom base. It looks much nicer than the ones on wheels. We think of everything.


Contact: Mara Girling
Phone: 0409 798 120