We have written up some ideas around how to spend your money wisely on a Printspace® Gift Card. Things to consider and ways to make the most of your money.

Birth Prints

Perfect gift for a newborn. Don't have all the birth details? Easy just order a gift card and let the new family choose the design and style.

8x10 size: When you want to buy an 8x10 size birth print. These are $39 + a flat rate of shipping. So you would be best to order a gift voucher for $50. When buying two (8x10) birth prints, you will only need to cover one lot of postage. So it would be $90 in total.

12x16 size: When you want to buy an 12x16 size birth print. These are $55 + a flat rate of shipping. So you would be best to order a gift voucher for $65 for one. 

City Prints

We often have friends wanting to buy wedding gifts or special birthday gifts as a group.
Again, when it's such a big purchase, you may like your recipient to choose the print themselves and keep it as a surprise rather than asking them which print they would like.

When ordering a gift card for a city print, shipping is free so, simply select the gift card amount of either: $180, $290, $450 or $650. Some of the sizes of City Prints start at 40x50cm and the largest sizes is 100x120cm. Earlier city prints were only released in two larger sizes. This is why you might find some varied price listings. City Prints by Nicholas Girling.

Kids & Home Prints

Mix and match, a great way to choose a mix of kids room prints. These prints come in different sizes and paper types. If you are buying for someone who is an avid art collector, then they will likely appreciate the premium paper stocks. But if you are buying purely for the look and feel, then the smaller sizes and the poster papers are good options. Remember that shipping is free over $95.

Don't forget to read our information about framing ideas as you may be able to pick up a frame at a great price. Or we may be able to organise framing for a larger print.


With a selection of designer stationery at smaller price points, you can always use up any extra money on a gift card on cards, tags or wrapping paper.

Notes~ Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.
Please consider our shipping costs when choosing a gift amount. 
There is a $10 flat rate shipping for orders under $95.
Orders $95 and over receive free shipping.
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