The funny thing is that one of the reasons why we began Printspace® was to be able to place the brand before the people behind the label. But I do believe that when it comes to being a creative person and a business woman, I can more and more see the importance of the intangible elements which define the personality of a brand.

I tend to do most of my talking through the pictures I create rather than the words i say or write down. I am not one to intentionally draw attention to myself. The idea of posting anything about myself has always been a small conflict for me.

I prefer to create the artworks you see on this website. Creating art works itself is very enjoyable. The hard part is getting enough people to see the works we create. I think that people are often thinking about the differences between artworks or businesses to help make a decision. They want to hear what is true. Well, the truth is that we have met some of the most wonderful people we now call friends by doing things like attending Markets and Trade Fairs. We have supported our family by being creative for nearly two decades. We still find that creating art that looks great and art that is based on our own ideas is very challenging and completely underrated in a world caught in a 24 hour fashion cycle.

But mostly, I feel good about what we have created. I feel lucky that we can continue to run our creative business. It's important to remember that art is something that is not always considered as a need to be able to survive. It's a desire. It's a connection and on it's best day - it is still a want. But in saying that, I am not sure where I would be without it. That's is what is true to me.

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