Nicholas Girling. Printspace® Cofounder Artist

Nicholas Girling. Printspace® Cofounder Artist

When I was reading about another artist recently, they were answering a question about how they plan the creation of their artworks. I completely understood what they were talking about. They described the act of painting as a meditative experience. This is the same for me but only half the time.

The other half is when I am creating poster art. It's a little bit more planned in contrast to expressive painting. The objective is to create something very iconic but also add depth to the artwork without using perspective. So I try to use colour, tone, texture and pattern to help create simple and iconic poster artworks. I actually find the planning of art to be quite non artistic. Who wants to plan it - the fun is in doing it. 

Ultimately, I like iconic shapes, I tend to avoid perspective because I find that it is a cheap trick when it comes to compositions. I prefer the challenge of creating depth in a piece of artwork by using colour, tone and form.

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