You're expecting a baby and you need to plan the nursery! This can seem like an overwhelming task, but it doesn't have to be. Here's our list of things we believe will help you get started! And remember everyone has their own parenting style and every baby is different!

Cot or Bassinet

It's such a beautiful time when you are selecting a cot. One thing to consider is do you buy a bassinet or go straight to a cot? A bassinet is not essential and really a personal decision. We borrowed one as we had our son in our bedroom for the first month and the cot didn't fit!


There are so many lovely options for bedding. 
Always check the latest safety information regarding bedding for your baby. Visit the Red Nose website for lots of valuable information.

You want the nursery to be a calm and soothing place for both baby and parents. There are lots of options and design for mobiles too. There are more traditional ones made from fabric or fancy ones with music and moving parts.

Change Table
This is one thing that you will use a lot! Make sure it is sturdy, has lots of storage space, and is at a good height for changing your baby on. 

Nappy Pail
Yes, not the most glamorous of items, but a handy one, especially during night time nappy changes. When you are too tires to think, let alone walk to the rubbish bin at the other end of the house.

Let's face it, your baby will end up with more clothes than you do. As mentioned above, your baby may go through several outfit changes in one day.

Clothes Hamper
No one ever full appreciates how many times you will change you baby during the day. Some days it's once other days you lose count. A clothes hamper is the solution to keeping dirty clothes off the floor!

Rocking Chair
You will be spending a lot of time in your baby's nursery, so you'll want to be comfortable! Make sure you test the rocking chair before you buy it. Babies are soothed by the rocking motion of a rocking chair and it's also a perfect place for feeding.

When you are in your baby's room at night or during nap times, you want to keep the lighting low and soothing. 

Baby Monitor
Baby monitor's are great, especially if your baby's nursery is away from your bedroom or living room. 

This is a list of some of the main items you will need, but there are also other items you will need. Mattress protector, swaddles, baby wipes, baby carrier,
singlets, bodysuits, baby monitor, sunshades for car window just to name a few. To help keep track of these we have created a printable list for you.
Download you free Newborn Baby Essentials Checklist here.

That's all the practical stuff taken care of, but you also want the nursery to feel cosy, warm and personal.
What better way than adding some artwork to the walls?

Check out our range of Birth Prints here and our Nursery Prints here.

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